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    Monday 3.0+:   It was a toasty morning out on the courts for this August 3.0+ championship game.  Chris Snowdon was trying out the 3.0+ group and demonstrated that he is just passing through and won all six games. Bob Fleckenstein was six points behind, taking second place. Three players each scored 57 points in six games. Mike Doyle and Marjie White played in the championship round taking third and fourth place.  There was lots of excellent play with well placed shots, heroic “gets” and exciting rallies. Bob and Mike played well and gave Chris and Marjie a true battle but couldn’t overtake their lead. Chris and Marjie won 15–11 as the peanut gallery cheered from the shade. 

    Tuesday 3.5+:   It was a hot sunny day. Desert tortoise were seeking shelter in their shells. Desert cacti would welcome any stray animal with a full bladder. The town was silent, except for the few, the proud and the sweaty who showed up for the elusive end-of--the-month-PPA-3.5-Round-Robin-Tuesday-10am-championships.  The eight sun soaked warriors battled until only four stood.  Tony Picoweitz and Tim Wenzel took on Duane Basore and Daniel Lawson. The play on court was hotter than a jalapeno's armpit. In the end, Dwayne and Daniel were awarded the Hot Tamale Kings of the Court.  Congratulations to Dwayne and Daniel. 

    Tuesday 2.5: The teams were Frank Araneo & Andrea Schmidlin vs. Kevin Michels & Suzanne  McCall.  The game was literally a game of 2 halves with an exciting conclusion.  Suzanne and Kevin made it look as though they were going to run away from the other team through great serves along with offensive and defensive plays.  They were leading 8-1, when they switched sides.  After changing servers, Andrea served 7 straight winning points and tied the game at 8-8.  Fyi... wind was not a factor.  The teams than battled the remainder of the game with Suzanne and Kevin  leading 13-12 but Andrea and Frank came back to win the game 15-13.  Great competitive game!  Congratulations to all four finalists and ultimate winners Suzanne and Frank! 


    Thursday 3.5:  After two months of blazing hot weather the 3.5 group was finally able to play a championship game! The teams were comprised of Sam Sar/Otto Rolwing against Ed Sheldon/Jeff Darling. Both teams were evenly matched with lots of drop shots, long rallies, and just overall great play.  In the end the score of 15-12 found Jeff and Ed as the champions!

    Friday 3.0: Another beautiful day at Pioneer Park with low wind.  John McKay & Sarah Watts both had perfect averages of 11.  John McAllister & Debbie Kullas had the next highest averages.  Teams were John McKay & Debbie Kullas vs Sarah Watts & John McAllister.  Great play on both sides with long volleys and some great blocks.  The score was close until Sarah and John were able to take the lead and win 15 to 10.


    Sarah Watts and John McAllister                 Debbie Kullas and John McKay


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    The first season of Team League play has been completed with 3.0+ and 3.5 completing a full session of play.  Vacations caused the 3.0 group to end one week early but results are still included below.  Also a huge thank you to all the players who participated as subs.  This league would not have happened without them!

    Final Standings:

    3.5 level:
    First Place       - Team 2 - Judi Mackey/Brent Williams
    Second Place  - Team 3 - Mary Paez/Roc Paez (& subs(
    Third Place      - Team 1 - Jaz Jaslow/Thomas Rice (& subs)

    3.0+ level:
    First Place      - Team 1 - Beth Scalia/Dave Scalia
    Second Place - Team 3 - Gail Raney/Mike Doyle (& subs)
    Third Place     - Team 6 - Carla Woodward/Jim Robinson (& subs)

    3.0 level:
    First Place      - Team 1 - Chris Snowden/Nancy Carter (& subs)
    Second Place - Team 2 - Ann Steiner/Dean Rodriguez (& subs)
    Third Place     - Team 4 - Rick Merring/Louise Merring (& subs)


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    Congratulations to Cathy Verduce, Colleen Fier, and Debbie Kallas who have moved up to the 3.0 Round Robin level.

    Congratulations to John Godwin, Paul Summers, Mark Meader, and Joe Reilly who have moved up to the 3.5 Round Robin level.

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    Here’s your chance to sign up for a fun vacation playing pickleball in Jamaica. The last group that went had a blast & said they would do it again.

    Dec. 5-11 2023

    Sandals All-inclusive Resort (No kids)

    Only 10 slots left are available and will fill up fast.

    Sign up with:

    Gail Scoggins

    Travel Consultant


    mobile: (928) 778-1272

    Cruise N Vacation Deals, 27437 W Yukon Dr

    To hold a spot on the trip, couples choose the room they would like, text/email Gail the two names and dates of birth as on passports, She holds the room, email the invoice and a link where to make a $400 deposit directly to Sandals, and you're in! You can cancel or change your room (based on availability) up to 46 days before travel for a full refund. Final Payments are due 60 days prior, so would be wise to cancel before then if needed.

    Room rates/availability and more info here:

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    Roger Wolfe has completed his term as PPA President. To recognize and honor him, the board had a short presentation and gave him a plaque.

    Things we credit to his leadership, charisma, intelligence and compassion

    Led safe pickleball play through the COVID outbreak

    Worked closely with the City of Prescott to create the landscaping berm along courts 5-8, sharing the cost with them

    Created and encouraged programs that grew membership growth from 250 to over 900

    Invested in a laser engraver to create nicer name badges and implemented a routine to get them created and distributed in an efficient manner

    Drove donations to complete the Picklevalionshelter including the concrete pad and electricity. Coordinated its engineering, permitting and construction.

    Found a donor to support Prescott High School in creating 3 pickleball courts on their outdoor basketball area

    Encouraged donors to sponsor picnic tables and benches

    Laser engraved the tables and benches to recognize the donors

    Pushed the City to arrange resurfacing of courts 1-8 to promote safe play and longevity of the concrete

    Lead the board to focus on goals for growth, programs and venue enhancement to benefit the members and the community

    Taken on the role of active and loving grandparent

    Roger has been a strong leader with ideas and implementation that made the organization stronger and impactful to the members and the community. Thank you.

  • 24 Oct 2022 2:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The IRS has issued a determination that the Prescott Pickleball Association is exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Donors can deduct contributions they make to us under IRC Section 170. We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522.

    We are considered a public charity under IRC 501(c)(3). The Bylaws page has more information and the complete document we filed as our articles of incorporation for this determination.

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