Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get involved?

A. PPA is a volunteer-run organization and is always looking for fresh ideas from our members. Send an email to to share your ideas and/or to let us know if you can help with:

    • Training/Education (lessons, skills clinics etc.)
    • Tournaments (tournament directors, referees/line judges, setup/tear down, first aid etc.)
    • Round Robins
    • Fundraising
    • Court maintenance
    • Board membership positions

Q. When can I find other players at the courts?

A. During the summer, the courts are busy with players of different skill levels from about 6 to 10 AM every day. Courts are designated for Challenge Play from 7AM to 10, M,T,W,TH,F,Sat with Courts 3 & 4 designated for Beginner/Novice/Social players all day. This is a good time to meet other players and ‘challenge into’ a game. Check the Court Schedule for details. For PPA members, check the Member Directory to find others of similar skill levels or consider entering a skill level round robin.

Winter Challenge Play Hours are 8-11 Nov thru March.  

Q. How can I become a PPA member?

A. Visit the ‘Join Us’ section of this website for details.

Q. Are there plans for additional lights at the courts?

A. Lighting was installed at courts 9-12 in 2020. These courts are available for evening/night play for all skill levels.

winter Challenge Play Rules in effect for cts 9,10 from 6 pm to 8 pm.  There are electrical lines above courts 1-8 that are incompatible with lights, so there are no plans for further lighting at this time.

Q. What plans are in place for shade?

A. You may put up a temporary pop-up structure with appropriate weights affixed to the legs, but do not attach any part of the pop-up to the fence. Such units are best placed in the gravel areas to avoid blocking the flow of players in the walkway. A permanent shade structure was constructed via donations in the area between courts 8 and 9. 

Q. Can wind screens be added to the fences?

A. The PPA has discussed the possibility of installing wind screens on the fences. Unfortunately, the fence posts cannot support fences with screens during high winds. Posts that support the smaller fences for pickleball are not as strong as tennis court

posts, and the City has stated, due to previous experience, they do not want screens affixed to the fencing.

Q. Can courts be reserved?

A. Contact the City of Prescott Recreation Services for information and permission forms to reserve courts. Courts can be reserved for pickleball play only. PPA event reservations are posted at the kiosk.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the courts?

A. Dogs are allowed at the park if leashed. Under no circumstances are any animals permitted on the courts.

Q. Do I have to go through the City to get permission to teach at the courts?

A. Generally yes, unless you’re doing it for FREE and don’t impact any other scheduled play times (challenge play, round robins etc.). If you charge (earn revenue), you’ll need the city’s permission and will have to do so during low-use times when no other

scheduled play is occurring. Contact Recreation Services for further information. If you are teaching as part of PPA’s scheduled classes, you’re covered.

Q. Why are the courts sometimes locked?

A. Access to the courts is controlled by the City of Prescott Recreation services. When conditions are not safe for play (i.e. snow), they will lock the courts to avoid injuries and will unlock the courts when if is safe to do so. Please be respectful and never attempt

to enter locked courts.

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