Prescott Pickleball Association

Prescott Pickleball Association, established in 2017, was created for the purposes of establishing public pickleball courts in the City of Prescott and promoting the game for the Prescott Community. It established an agreement with the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF), Yavapai County. The purpose of the ACF Collaborative Fund Agreement was to accept donations for the purposes of building public pickleball courts.

It transitioned to a tax-exempt Social Club pursuant to section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2020, listing the sole purpose of the club to promoting the sport of pickleball within the Prescott community. The intent of the organization at that time was focused on players, events, member benefits and attaining tax exempt status (thus avoiding concerns of being a for-profit entity.

Everything in the history has been in line with the Mission, Vision and Values of the organization.


The mission of the PPA is to welcome residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to participate in recreational and competitive pickleball play at the public courts through activities that will enhance the fitness and well-being for the entire community. The PPA is supported by membership in the association and energized by community support through donations.


We will be the model for private/public cooperation making pickleball accessible to all by creating a positive pickleball experience in the Quad Cities.


Sportsmanship, Accountability, Volunteerism, Generosity

Today the organization’s board is looking forward with the strategic plans of the association. Capital improvements have been in the plans already, with the lighting of courts 9-12, terrace project behind courts 5-8 and the recently built shade structure examples of site enhancements. Support for donations, cost sharing with the City of Prescott and use of club funds have accomplished these projects.

Another desired goal is expanding the court count to 16. This major project will require substantial community support via donations to complete. To this end the board promoted the transition of the club to a tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity, allowing it to be a conduit for private donations for this endeavor. This choice was made in lieu of continuing the collaborative fund with the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF). The IRS approved status as a a public charity on September 27, 2022.


The IRS approved the version of our bylaws presented above via the button labeled PPA Bylaws September 2022. The board and membership will follow this document in the administration and focus of the association's activities, plans and routines.

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