Round Robins (RRs) are for PPA MEMBERS ONLY.  Competitive level RRs are for those who are interested in serious competitive play and tournament preparation.  You may self-rate, however, if there is uncertainty about a player's appropriate skill level, RR Captains can recommend skill level adjustments.  There are also recurring and periodic competitions that may or may not have restrictions regarding level of play.  The recurring events are listed below; periodic events are posted under the EVENTS menu option. 

Procedure for signing up:
  1. Find the email contact for your skill level below ... this is your RR captain.
  2. Send an email to your Captain requesting to be included in the invitation list. The Captain will confirm that you are an ACTIVE PPA MEMBER and relay method for sign-ups.

    1.5/2.0 RR                    Wednesday   Assunta "Bambi" Manning

    2.0/2.5 Women's RR     Saturday        Linda Hayes                   

    2.5/2.7 Ladder              Monday        Cathy Verduce              (or Colleen Fier

    3.0 Ladder                     Wednesday   Jo Morrissey                  

    3.0/3.5 Women's RR     2nd & 4th Saturday   Ann Steiner       


    2.5                     Tuesday         Harold Rice                    

    2.7                     Wednesday    Bill Friend                       

    3.0                     Friday             Pam Gibson                   

    3.2                     Monday          Steve Giles                     

    3.5                     Thursday       Carll Frye                       

    3.6                    Tuesday         Mary Paez                     

    3.7 and Up       Tuesday         Barry Lumley                  

     See Play Group Guidelines for further information on the Competitive RR's

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