Prescott Pickleball Association

Announcing the PPRA, the new training program in Prescott for referees. The inaugural class starts July 27th at Espire Sports in the Gateway Mall. You may sign up for this at:

Classroom sessions

July 27 and August 3, 2022 (a two-part training) from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Espire Sports in the Gateway Mall. You will receive the full USAPA training program required for those working toward credentials and best practices as a pickleball referee.


Read the 2022 Official Rulebook

Read the 2022 Officiating Handbook (USAPA Membership required)

Watch the Referee Quick Start Video (this is outdated but still very useful)

Take the online Referee Test (it is also helpful to take the Player Test and Line Judge Test)

All these resources are available at

On-Court Training and practice at Espire

Weekly sessions during the Thursday 8-10:00 Challenge play beginning August 11, 2022. Training sessions at Pioneer Park will be arranged once we have candidates committed to the program and confirmed to participate.

Referee trainees will practice with live game play while being supervised by a Certified Referee or other referee leader in the academy. 

Off-Court Training

Referees will have the opportunity for study sessions, homework and additional mentoring away from the courts to enhance and confirm readiness for tournament referee assignments. Evaluations for tournament assignments will be directed by tournament directors, Certified Referees and Level 2 credentialed referees.


Referee trainees wishing to be evaluated may request these opportunities during tournaments held at Espire or the Pioneer Park Pickleball Complex. Certified Referees will be enlisted to provide the assessment and documentation required for these sessions. 


Referees may participate in the training at no cost. Volunteer trainers will be used to grow a local pool of referees.


Douglas Seefeld, USAPA Certified Referee, will oversee and administer this program. As the referee pool grows others may be enlisted to take active roles in this program.

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