Play Schedules

Pioneer Park Pickleball Complex

The courts are open to the public. The Prescott Pickleball Association (PPA) works in partnership with the City of Prescott to maintain these courts. We need your help! 

  • Please only play Pickleball on these courts.
  • Wear athletic shoes and play safely.
  • Play with courtesy and good sportsmanship.


Winter Hours 8-11 AND Summer HOurs 7-10 MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY (6 DAYS/WK)


BEFORE/AFTER CHALLENGE PLAY and ALL DAY SUNDAY (except for PPA scheduled events)


During Challenge play times, COURTS 3 & 4

These courts are considered recreational play (not competitive play) are are for beginning players during challenge play times. If these courts are open and other courts are full, they may be used by higher level players until they are once again needed by beginning players.


See court bulletin board for daily schedule and special events.



Please review the information below as well as PIONEER PARK SCHEDULE HERE or on bulletin board at courts. When courts are busy, there should be 4 players per court; no singles or drills. PPA members can find a partner of similar skill level on the Member Directory

Challenge (Drop-In) Play: 

Players can challenge by putting their paddles in the holders at each court. At the end of a game, losing players will come off and challengers will play the winners. There is a 3 consecutive game maximum at which point players must rotate out. Please try to choose a court where your skill level is comparable to those on that court. Players may not refuse to play with a challenger during challenge play time. When busy, a PPA member or Ambassador will signal 4 on 4 off (requires all 4 players to exit after each game). 

Open Play: 

Non-structured play. Families/friends may play for (up to) 1 hour before relinquishing courts. Open play is available for anyone, including informal or private groups. Challenges do not need to be accepted. 

Skill Level Play: 

Only the skill level(s) listed may play on the courts using Challenge rules. Courts 1-8 are designated for skill levels up to 3.5 (with courts 3 and 4 being reserved for social (beginner) play. Courts 9-12 are designated for skill levels 4.0+. Any court that is not being used by it's primary designated skill level (not enough players) is open to any skill level until such time that it's primary designation is in demand. 

Social Play:
For developing players or those who are learning or looking for a ‘safe’ court to play.
  • During peak times, 4 on 4 off rotation applies.
  • Please display GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Proper attire required at all times. No offensive language or inappropriate behavior.


Please adhere to the following:
  • Report damage or unsafe conditions to Recreation Services Office.
  • Please wear non-marking athletic shoes.
  • Pets are not permitted on the courts at any time.
  • Any object that may cause injury to a player or damage the courts is prohibited.
  • If a court is occupied, do not enter while play is in progress.
  • If a ball is hit onto your court, call ‘BALL IN COURT’ and stop play.
  • During busy times when players are waiting, 4 on 4 off rule applies.
  • Please demonstrate good sportsmanship. Foul or derogatory language is not acceptable.
  • Items found unattended should be taken to the Recreation Services Office.
  • Courts are for pickleball play only!
  • All schedules play, including lessons, just be approved in advance by the City of Prescott.
  • Schedule can be found on the bulletin board.
  • Users of this facility assume the risk of injury.
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