The City of Prescott has approved the following individuals as instructors at the public courts. They are required to carry insurance and pay a commission to the city (since they are using public courts). Please contact and hire them directly.

Rick Bothel

IPTPA Level 1 Certified Pickleball Instructor

(928) 308-1861 (Cell)

I played competition tennis for 40 years.  During that time and more I taught and coached tennis privately, publicly, and at Prescott High School.  I learned quickly that “Technique is Everything”.  A person must know how to stroke the ball and how to move.  During my two years of teaching pickleball I have focused on techniques to help my students perform like accomplished players. I have video recorded others and me to analyze footwork and stroke production.  Yes, I watch the ball but still have mishits.  What does that mean?  Think shoulders.   I ask my students why are we here together today?  I listen.  I help that student with his/her specific needs.  “Rick, I’m a new beginner, can you help me?” Yes.    Do you want a general review?  Do you want to improve your backhand volley?  How about more advance doubles strategies?  I can help.  Do you want a competitive topspin baseline backhand ground stroke.  Good luck.  Without many years of competitive tennis, this is extremely difficult.  Stick with your mild slice.   I instruct using whole, part, whole methods.  I use guided practice.  I sometimes use “Inner Tennis/Pickleball.”   “Why won’t my serve go in?  I use all 10 serve pointers that I was taught last week.”  Yes, that’s why. 

Jill Thyr

PPR Certified Coach

(208) 964-3863 (Texting is the best contact method)

After playing D1 volleyball and 15+ yrs of coaching, I have been bitten with the pickleball bug! I am a 4.0+ player, PPR certified coach as well as a certified coach with Dynamic Doubles. I have enjoyed helping new players as they begin their pickleball journey and more experienced players play with their partners more effectively for tournament and league play.

My passion is to help players look at the court in a new way, enhancing the fun of playing doubles and being the player that is easy to play with to help win the situation. If you have played a little or a lot, and wonder why you are not winning the point, getting beat by players less skilled, or wondering where you should hit the ball, let me help you unlock the game through good teamwork, proper positioning, effective shot selection and boost your confidence that you are hitting the best shot for your team. You will learn to use the zones to your teams advantage, plan your winning strategy, and understand why that shot didn't work effectively for more fun, teamwork and confidence. 

Joe Borzello

(928) 379-9576 Call or text

Multiple gold medals in 4.5 mixed and men's doubles.

My goal is to enhance your pickleball knowledge concerning all aspects of the game. I can help you break any bad habits you may have and we can work on proper technique including footwork.

Learn when, where and how to place various shots and how to play in your bubble. We'll cover blocking, groundstrokes, serves, returns, speed ups and so much more. 

Want to win more points or are you having trouble with any part of your game? Contact me and we'll work on it.

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