PPA Board of Directors & Officers | NOVEMBER 2022


Douglas was the 4th generation of a family-owned funeral firm before moving to Prescott from Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 2013. He was active in Rotary for 23 years, had been a volunteer for the Chamber of Commerce and board member for a YMCA resident camp. After retirement from funeral service, he has worked as a lifeguard, rock climbing instructor and restaurant server. Since moving to Arizona, he has earned his USA Pickleball Referee Certification, serves as a USA Pickleball Ambassador, is a registered referee trainer, served as referee coordinator at various tournaments and volunteered for the former Willow Hills Pickleball Club. He is a PPR Certified Pro and approved instructor by the City of Prescott (https://prescottpickleball.org/Lessons).

He has been an integral member of the leadership team for several years, serving as the treasurer. His implementation of the QuickBooks accounting software helped organize the bookkeeping for the club. Serving as the de facto webmaster through the WildApricot membership software, he has been helping the club with communication, voting and membership database management.

Some of the goals ahead for the club:

  • Overhaul of the website
  • Upgrading or replacing the kiosk at the courts
  • Growing the storage space for tool and supplies at the courts
  •  Organizing more social events at new and exciting locations
  • Maintaining and creating play programs for members like Round Robins, Leagues, lessons and clinics
  • Organizing tournaments for members, holding public tournaments as a means to raise money
  • Continuing regular communications for the members
  • Expanding the Pioneer Park Pickleball Complex with more courts, better parking and welcoming amenities 
Contact:  prescottpickleball.president@gmail.com


Bob has been living in Prescott over seven years after retiring as a pilot and Aviation Manager for a flight department in the New York area.  

He served on his HOA board as Secretary and on its ARC committee for four years. 

Pickleball soon became his passion after settling into his new home. The people he's met playing this game have been fun, helpful and welcoming, and he wants this friendly environment to continue. 

He is look forward to working with this board its many ambitious projects that will make our facility one the premier Pickleball locations in Arizona. 

Contact: bobtruck7@outlook.com


Ann has been a member of PPA for 4 years, including a Member at Large position on the board for the past 2 years. She is Captain for the 3.0 Round Robins and has served as a volunteer for tournaments and the PPA food drive. She has participated in other volunteer professional organizations including the role of Secretary. She sees this position as not just the keeper of the Board meeting minutes but also assisting with the development and updating of various PPA Policy and Procedures documents.

Contact: prescottpickleball.secretary@gmail.com


Jeanne has over 35 years of management experience. Thirty of those were spent in the newspaper business and the last five in the medical management field. She has 5 years experience being the treasurer for the HOA of her prior residence. It was a rural HOA with approximately 303 lots. The duties included dues billing and collections, placing liens on properties when dues weren't paid, report prep for the board and ensuring all bills for the association were paid in a timely manner.

Upon moving to Prescott in 2020, she became a Realtor and happily chose to associate her license with Better Homes & Gardens Bloom Tree Realty located downtown, In her free time she enjoys playing pickleball, quilting and collecting (and yes, on occasion drinking) good red wine with her husband, Robert.

Contact: prescottpickleball.treasurer@gmail.com


In my past life, I have been a rancher, a teacher, an author, and a business owner. I have served on the Board of Directors of the International Lama Registry, a large multi-faceted organization that did everything from sanctioning shows, and training show judges to keeping data on llama genetics. I also served on the Boards of several regional llama and alpaca associations. I was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement" Award by the Rocky Mountain Alpaca and Llama Association in 2016.

I am retired and have lived in this area since 2017. I'm a 2.5 player and play at Pioneer Park and Espire. I take an active part in the various Prescott Meet Up groups and OLLIE at Yavapai College. Besides playing Pickleball I am an avid couples dancer and have recently published a book on dating for seniors. It is called Winter Love A Guide to Senior Dating.

Our organization is poised to do even more for it’s membership. More courts, more chances to play at all levels and more social events are currently in the works. I’m in charge of the membership committee and welcome those of you who are willing to help me with our goals.

Contact: lindahayes@skybeam.com or 970 379 4576.

Rick Bothell, Member At Large

Teacher of math for 43 years. Math department chair person at Prescott High School 8 years. Coached high school and middle school tennis, badminton, basketball, volleyball for 31 years. Played and taught tennis 35 years. Played pickleball tournaments for 4 seasons. Rick is a IPTPA certified pickleball instructor. Rick has been a co-director of a PPA pickleball tournament. Contest director for several high school divisional badminton and tennis tournaments. Contest director for many RC sailplane contests. PPA leader of round robins and instruction.

Contact: rkbothell@gmail.com

Ginger Alfini, Member at Large

A summary of my volunteer experience:

I lived in Denver, Colorado for over 40 years and during that time I was fortunate enough to participate in a number of volunteer opportunities.

One of my favorite fundraisers was for the Special Olympics (The Kennedy Family special project).  I was affiliated with a group who sponsored and staffed bowling tournaments and swimming events for the children every year for five years. One year we had a golf tournament and the net proceeds were over $25,000 for the Special Olympics. (I drove the Martini cart!)

I retired from hospital administration after 26 years and during that tenure I volunteered on a number of committees to help the community.

We adopted a local school-first through 3rd grade class.  We raised money for the childrens' school supplies, we bought toys for the families and delivered them a couple of days before Christmas every year.  I also taught Arts and Crafts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PM for 8 weeks to students at the same school. It was very humbling.

I was president of my Home Owners Association for ten (10) years-an experience every homeowner "should be a part of"!

I volunteered for the last Prescott Pickleball membership tournament and collected from generous donors.  I assisted Keith and Helen Maland for a couple of their clinics.

Contact: altonpk@icloud.com

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