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Lessons & Clinics

Lessons last 1-2 hours and are geared towards teaching the basics of how to become better (technique, drills, rules, safety, club info). Our goal is to show how to develop as a player (as opposed to simply developing the skills).

Clinics last 2-4 hours and are designed to dive DEEP into a select group of skills that help the player develop critical techniques and skills for the next level. Drills last longer (reinforcing muscle memory) and strategy is introduced (why the skill is necessary, variations, when to use it etc).

Camps last 3-5 days and are designed to put together drills, skills, techniques, strategy, court management, and include these in a tournament setting. The camps encompass all elements of Lessons and Clinics and help the player develop technique as well as skill and apply it to a ‘game environment’. Private organizations usually provide camps.


Lesson will go over basic safety and equipment, rules of the game, and some beginner play. There will be paddles and balls available for those without equipment. Sneakers, preferably tennis shoes, required. You may repeat the lesson to improve your comfort and understanding of the game before attending a Novice Lesson.  Beginner Lessons start 11/13/20, EVERY FRIDAY (except 11/27/20 and 1/1/21 (Day after Thanksgiving and New Years Day).  Start time is 1 pm thru 2:30, meet at court 1.


When you successfully complete this Novice Lesson, you will start hitting forehands more consistently, show improvement in control, demonstrate more frequent use of the backhand stroke, and know how to hit an overhead stroke (the SLAM). You also will become aware of the “soft game,” as well as the proper service technique and importance of serving it DEEP, returning it DEEP and approaching the NVZ.  Novice and Intermediate Lessons posted on site.


The Prescott Pickleball Association offers intermediate clinics free to PPA members and $10 to nonmembers. This 2 hour clinic stresses doubles strategy and stroke technique. You MUST have experience equivalent to a USAPA 3.0/3.5 skill level to attend.

Beginner and Novice lessons are free; intermediate lessons are free to PPA members.

Clinics are held at the Pioneer Park courts. See Events Page for details.

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