Round Robin Guidelines

Guidelines for competitive play Round Robins


All players should have a rating supported by the USAPA Player Skill Ratings rubric that provides specific skills needed to achieve each level of player rating.

New PPA members who wish to participate in RR should:

a)     self-rate themselves at a level supported by the USAPA Player Skills Ratings rubric
b)     contact the RR Captain of their self-rated level to arrange for a 1-week trial and suitability based on an average score of 7.0 for that level of play.  The player then needs to maintain a 7.0 average score or better to remain at that level.  Movement up or down a level may occur after the 1-week trial.

New players may also arrange for a formal or informal evaluation by the PPA reviewer, Rick Bothell, (USAPA Level 1 Instructor) to determine their appropriate rating level.  A fee may be associated with the evaluation and should be discussed with the PPA reviewer.  The cost of the evaluation will be the responsibility of the player. 

DUPR ratings, or ratings acquired outside of PPA, do not transfer to a PPA self-rating. 

PPA self-rating must match the level of RR play.

Round Robin – All Levels

Game day rosters should be random and neither Captains or players should manipulate the player order to accommodate player requests for byes, or specific player partnerships
Captains will maintain a spreadsheet to capture RR scores
Captains will make score tracking for the most recent 8 weeks available to players involved in their RR
Round Robin games will be scored on a 11 point, win by 2-point basis

o   If score is tied at 11, Sudden Death scoring will be implemented (i.e., win by 1-point basis)
o   If Sudden Death scoring is implemented, both teams will record an 11 on the Score Sheet, the winning team will circle their score to indicate the win
Players who cancel less than 24 hours in advance, or don’t show up for a RR that they have signed up for twice in 1 month, or for 3 consecutive sign-ups, will be removed from the RR invitation for 4 weeks
Weather:  RR will not be played if:

o  the temperature is 37 degrees or below

o   the winds are above 20 mph

o   Snow is on the court. To avoid damage to the court surface, players may not remove snow

 Movement of Players (Up or Down) within the PPA RRs:

Players advance to the next higher play group when their average score is equal to or greater than 9.75 for the 4 most recent weeks within an 8-week period
Players who meet the 9.75 average score target may elect to stay in their current RR level until they achieve an average score of 10.0 for 4 most recent weeks in an 8-week period.  Once they achieve 10.0, they must move up.  No exceptions. 
If a player is unable to play on the new RR Day, they may ask the next level up Captain for a trial.  The 1-week trial is to determine suitability for play at that level based on an average score of 7.0 or better for that level of play.  The player then needs to maintain a 7.0 average score or better to remain at that level. 
Players will be asked to move down one play group level if their average score is equal to or less than 7.0 for the most recent 4 weeks within an 8-week period
A change in USAPA sanctioned tournament rating may prompt a change in PPA RR level of play
After discussing their assigned RR level of play with the Captain, a player who wishes to appeal their RR level should contact PPA Board member Rick Bothell, USAPA Level 1 Instructor
Players who have questions or concerns regarding the management of their RR may contact Ann Steiner, PPA Board of Directors Secretary and RR Captain liaison, to discuss their concerns


Description of RR levels

PPA Round Robin Skill Level 2.7 and below:  This level of PPA RR play is designed to encourage new players to become more serious about the sport and to develop a sense of competition.  It will serve as a bridge between social play and tournament-level play.

PPA Round Robin Skill Level 3.0 and 3.2:  PPA RR play is designed to simulate competitive or tournament level play in a safe structured CLUB environment. This is NOT social play, so expect competing teams/players to develop a court strategy designed to maximize their strengths. 

 PPA Round Robin Skill Level 3.5 and above:  PPA RR play simulates competitive or tournament level play for experienced players. 


3.7 and below players:

a.     Your PPA self-rating must match your RR level, and 
b.     You must play at your PPA self-rating (or higher) level in all PPA member-only tournaments


Championship Week Play

Approximately once a month, and generally the last week of the month, each RR shall finish with a Championship match.  Using total scores from that day’s play (with consideration for any bye’s) the first and third highest will compete as a team against the second and fourth.  Total wins may be used as a tiebreaker and/or a random drawing may be used.  Results of these matches will be posted in the News section of the PPA website.  The Championship Game will be scored on a 15-point, win by 2-basis.  Guest players (i.e., a player who is not on the RR invitation) cannot play in the Championship Match.

Additional Information:

RR players will need an email address and have computer internet access since signup routines for the groups are done electronically.

Players who show up late for the RR that they have signed up for may or may not be able to play.  Captains retain the discretion to determine whether you can still play.  Generally, you may be permitted to join if adding a player will eliminate a bye.

RR Captains may allow a guest to play to complete a team of four but may not exclude qualified PPA members from participating to accommodate a guest.  A guest player must complete a City of Prescott Park’s Department Waiver beforehand.  Waivers are available in the Lesson’s Notebook in the shed.  Signed Waivers should be returned to the Lesson’s Notebook, where they will be periodically collected and sent to the Prescott City contact.

  • With the exception of guests as described above, all RR players must first become a member of the Prescott Pickleball Association and complete the required on-line waiver form.    Sign-up at   Once you are a PPA member, contact the Captain of the RR level that you believe you are qualified for and ask for a trial.
  • Players who have qualified to play at a higher level, but do not feel comfortable with that level of play may contact the lower-level Captain and ask for approval to join their roster.
  • Captains retain the right to fill an allotted RR roster spot to a lower-level player if it completes the roster for that day’s RR.
  • Players who don’t have a rating but play competitively during the week can play in PPA RRs.  Based on skill, knowledge, and game experience, you may play at the 2.5 or 3.0 level.  Your opportunity to move up will be based on:  Actual RR match scores, RR Captain recommendations and/or input from PPA evaluator. 
  • When pertinent, players new to PPA RR participation must begin play at their USAPA skill level.  After initial placement, movement up or down will be based on scoring average. 
  • Players may only be included in one RR invitation per week, except for the 3.6 and 3.7 play groups.  For RR’s that are held twice a week, the Captain may not permit pre-registration of a player who has already participated earlier in the same week.  RR Captains may allow players to play in an additional RR event to fill their RR allotted courts. 

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