Strategic Plan Action Items

In September 2018, the PPA implemented this 3-year Strategic Plan. The plan includes Strategic Priorities and Action Items to direct the activities of the Board of Directors. The Implementation Matrix will be updated periodically and the latest version is available here: Updated Implementation Matrix.

The success of the Strategic Plan relies on your participation. To join one or more teams, please complete and submit the form below.

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Ongoing Improvements and Maintenance of PPC:
1.Create a PPA operating budget2.Increase awareness of and input toward Parks & Recreation's budgetary process3.Evaluate future complex facilities and improvements4.Evaluate options for shade and potential locations5.Evaluate grounds needs and/or improvements including east berm along the rear of courts, vegetation, trees and gravel6.Create maintenance cadre and rotation schedule to include among other issues courts, paddle holders, net heights, shed organization and wind flags

Increase Fundraising Efforts:
1.Develop a formal fundraising plan2.Evaluate fundraising for expansion to include parking and amenities3.Evaluate and implement annual fundraising for maintenance and improvements

Increase Volunteer Base:
1.Increase membership and identify incentives2.Increase volunteer base/workforce3.Create a document identifying member profiles and talent/skill set4.Improve member and public/HOA communication processes5.Create succession planning guidelines6.Evaluate existing bylaws and update including expanded positional requirements7.Improve BOD participation to include follow-up and follow-through8.Create public relations leadership role

Increase Programs and Events:
1.Create programs that benefit only members2.Evaluate demand for organized leagues3.Evaluate and determine number and types of tournaments4.Create beginner, intermediate and advanced lesson plans5.Create beginner, intermediate and advanced classes6.Develop a program to create revenue-generating one-day events7.Create non-pickleball revenue-generating social events8. Re-evaluate court use (schedule of play)