President’s Update

Hello PPA Picklers,

As your new President, I’d like to update you on a few items your Board has been working hard to establish. But, first things first…thank you to our past President and past board members. It’s amazing to see what’s been accomplished in such a short time.

One of the things you learn in business is to prioritize first things first based on the resources available. While we have extremely talented and hard working board members, we are still short one KEY Board position…our BOARD SECRETARY!!! It is vital we fill this position ASAP, so please, please find the time to volunteer. Many of the projects below are based on a member volunteering for this position.

Board Priorities for ’19 Season

Increased Member Benefits! Yes, we want you to continue to provide input, and based upon the input we’ve received, here’s what we’re providing for MEMBERS. (Which reminds me, please renew your membership before year end and, if possible, do it using our Membership Renewal webpage at

1. PPA will be announcing Round Robins by SKILL LEVEL..EVERY WEEK. We’ll be using up to 4 courts (first to sign up basis). Both Jeff Bray and Rick Bothell are hard at work organizing these events. Watch the NEWS section on our web page for future details.

2. PPA will be organizing CLINICS on a monthly basis. These clinics are designed to help members move to that elusive next level (up to 4.0). We’ll be publishing a drills/skills booklet that helps you remember how to conduct a specific drill as well. Watch the NEWS section on our webpage for future details.

3. Three REGIONAL Tournaments. These will be designed to be fun in nature, but still competitive, and limited to our “REGION”. This means Chino, PV, Prescott, Dewey-Humboldt. They also will be by skill level….as usual, watch the NEWS.

4. Last but definitely not least, we’ll be signing up for ONE MAJOR Tournament which will be held September 13, 14, 15 this upcoming year. We want to up our game, so this means 12 COURTS, with certified Refs, linesmen and all the trimmings. Watch the NEWS section for more details.

5. OK it wasn’t the last item, but I think you’ll agree that a FREE LUNCH is too good to pass up. Club member JT Schultz has generously offered PPA MEMBERS (wear your badge) a FREE LUNCH for stopping by during his grand opening on Saturday, November 17. Details under the News section at:

Capital Improvements. We’re working hard with the City to get the following items completed or scheduled (in the following priority).

1. 4 MORE COURTS! Watch our pledged amount grow, and please continue to contribute to this fund at

2. Terrace the south berm, channel water away from the back of courts and provide additional seating for tournaments.

3. Shade structures (based upon your survey responses, and the City’s requirements). I’ll be working with the City to define what type, what funding sources are available, and what resources are available (and when) in order to complete these items.

4. Lighting for the new courts..realizing we’re asking for A LOT and the City needs to spend money and resources on other valuable projects as well.

We’re also making some STRUCTURAL CHANGES to the club, and it’s documents:

1. Our budgeting and accounting practices were manually updated on spreadsheets…not so going forward. We’ve purchased QuickBooks, and Doug will be transitioning from the old to the new, producing a budget (against actual), Balance Sheet and Income Statements. This is HUGE in terms of moving forward and will take a monumental effort to implement. Go Doug!

2. We’ll be modifying our membership documentation to include a waiver allowing us to use materials produced during events for the benefit of the club on it’s web pages. (Yes, this means we’ll post ALL your medals on our website). Please review the Membership Agreement at from time to time for the revised document.

3. We’re also modifying membership documents to allow us to post (to club members) members’ contact information. I can’t tell you how many times this has been requested by members trying to contact other members about setting up matches early in the morning or late in the afternoon. No worries, if you’re in the witness protection program you’ll be given the opportunity to opt out (but we hope you won’t). Go to the Directory Option page at to update your member profile and to provide us with your areas of interest in which to volunteer…yes we neeeeed you. Do it now. The password-protected Member Directory will go live in early January. Again, if you don’t want your info available to other club members (and only club members), the Opt Out option is on the Directory Option page. Note: The Member Directory will replace the Pick-A-Pickler Directory.

OK, I’ve taken enough of your time, and we’ve got work to do. Watch for updates in the News section. We’ll be updating our CALENDARS in December to include most of the items above. And remember…RENEW NOW, via the website.

Thanks, and Pickle On.

Roger Wolfe, PPA President