President’s update 2/26/19

That snow storm was a doozy, and it knocked out our first member tournament…….no worries, it’s on for March 16…….be there, it’ll be fun.

Next, an update on our 4 more.  We’ve had some interesting discussions concerning options for the new courts.  Currently we’ve got almost 90k (ok 89,578)…which is enough to get the courts built and part of the fencing (not all of it, just the perimeter), and no sidewalk.  We need another 15k to get it all done, so pls keep donating, we’re still working hard in the community to “dig” up the rest.  Never fear though, your board is committed to getting it done, and we have a private backup plan to ensure we start construction near the end of April, beginning of May.  Once we have the September tournament, we’ll have the rest of the money (we’ll clear 12k to 15k ish) so it’s a chicken or the egg situation…..and I promise we’ll crack that one (can’t help myself tonight).

Round Robins are starting…….if you haven’t contacted your RR host (Kriss, Jaye, Diane)… so NOW, since March 4 is fast approaching and we only have a limited number of spots available.

Membership……is now at 192, and we expect to pickup another 40 to 50 during the year, pls watch the website which has a members ONLY section, and will get you to some really special screens.

Rick needs help…… with Lessons, which also begin March.  If you’re interested and feel like assisting Rick teach, pls contact Rick Bothell.  New members come from new players, which come from beginning/novice classes……so keep spreading the word, and if you’re available to help, we’d appreciate it.

September’s Granite Mountain Games tournament now includes 3.0s…….yahhoooo!  Beginning and Novice players (2.0 through 3.0) represents the largest section of the club, and we love you, so you’ll be able to compete and win a coveted PPA Medal this Sept (or just buy one on eBay).  Our tournament planning committee is busy, and they still need help (refs……training starting up by Doug), and administrative positions, so don’t be shy, contact Jeff, he’ll be more than happy to get you involved.  Watch for the flyer…….should be out soon (and BTW, PPA members get preferential treatment with respect to signing up…….EARLY).

Last but not least, we’re a social club and like to have fun……so check the site, and plan to attend the next social, we’d love to see you there.

See you on the courts (after the snow has melted).