Presidential Update 11/23/18

Good morning Picklers…just had to type “Presidential Update” ONE time, sounded way cool…ok on to the update.

Board Meetings will generally be scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month, in the Flagstone Room of the Grace Sparkes Activity Center  (Armory on 69, just before you get to downtown proper). These are General Board meetings and open to members who are interested in viewing proceedings, becoming a future board member, or just interested.

We do have some big news…and it’s our 4 MORE FUND amount…WE HAVE $77,300 either in or pledged…yahooooo!  I’d like each of you to close your eyes and see 4 MORE courts…..fenced, with lighting stubbed out……..and if you keep them closed long enough you can see, lighting, terraced landscape behind the existing 8, several large shade structures……..we will become THE PLACE to play pickleball in the High Country.

Now…open your eyes again…we still need your help. Even though we’re well on our way, we’re still about 38k away from having the additional court.s.  We’ll need members and friends of members (or anyone you know who’s capable of pushing a “donate button“) to donate. The economy’s great, we’ve had a great year, and hopefully the tax cuts will come through for all, so please donate if possible. Each of you is helping to build a legacy right here in your home town.  It’s easy, just go to the website and click on that donate button. Thanks.

OK…had enough turkey, worried about all you ate? Get out to the courts. Weather has been great, and so is the pickleball.  Watch for these weekly updates. Might be a future hint or two about drills/thrills to improve your play.

Pickle On,