PPA Seeks Nominations for Board

Greetings Members!

The Board of Directors for the Prescott Pickleball Association is pleased to announce several open positions within the board for the upcoming 2-year term:

  • President – Being vacated by Peg Travers
  • Vice President – vacant
  • Treasurer – Doug Seefeld is running for re-election
  • Secretary – Being vacated by Jaye Allen
  • Member at Large – Being vacated by Marcie Moody
  • Member at Large – Diane Cassidy is running for re-election
  • Member at Large – City of Prescott is continuing in this position

Please visit the Nominations page to read the Duties & Responsibilities of the positions and to submit a nomination.  If you are interested in submitting your name for a position, or if you want to nominate another member in good standing, please complete the nomination form online or email the information to jayeallen1@hotmail.com. Nominations must be submitted by October 14 at 9pm.

Thank you for considering a position within the PPA Board of Directors. We look forward to your participation in the future of the Prescott Pickleball Association!

Jaye Allen, Secretary

P.S. A detailed email regarding the election meeting will follow.