Mary 19 and 20, 2023

Women’s 3.5

Gold         Amanda Robinson and Andrea Remy

Silver       Donna Vanaman and Christine Dokos

Bronze     Charlotte Phelps & Elaine Wanket

Women’s 3.0 and Under

Gold Dawnell Muecke and Jill Nielsen

Silver Margie Teetor and Jeanie Sharp

Bronze Manja Mason and Ann Steiner

Women’s 2.5

Colleen Fier and Francis Darling

Mary Curran-Perkins and Joan Maloney


Men’s 4.0

Gold Joe Borzello and Ryan Sirakis

Silver John Mastrobuoni & Douglas Seefeld

Bronze Bob Borgengasser & Michael Robbins

Men’s 3.5

Gold Jeff Phelps and David Schlehlein

Silver Errol Ovid and Alan Cotterall

Bronze David Chasan and Daniel Castro


Men’s 3.0

Gold Robert Fleckenstein & Jeffrey Planck

Silver Ron Koustik and Michael Doyle

Bronze Joe Riley and Mark Cardenas

Mixed 4.0

Gold Tammy Sherrill and Jeff Melnik (Tie)

Gold Amanda Robinson & Rick Bothell (Tie)

Bronze Sandy Peecook & Bob Borgengasser

Mixed 3.5

Gold Cynthia Lumley and Barry Lumley

Silver Jaz Jaslow and Roc Paez

Bronze Christine Dokos and Duane Basore

Mixed 3.0

Gold Charlotte Phelps and Bruce Lumley

Silver Gail Raney and Michael Doyle

Bronze Dawnell Muecke and Ron Koustik

Mixed 2.5

Gold Ann Marie Hadley and Reid Hadley

Silver Patricia Zielinski and Craig Hoff

Bronze Sheila McAllister and John McAllister


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