Lessons & Clinics

Lessons last 1 to 2 hours and are geared to give the basics of how to become better (technique, drills, rules, safety, club info).  Our goal is to show how to develop as a player (as opposed to develop those skills).
Clinics last 2 to 4 hours and are designed to dive DEEP into a select group of skills that help the player develop critical techniques, skills for the next level. Drills last longer (reinforcing muscle memory), strategy is introduced (why the skill is necessary, variations, when to use it etc).
Camps last 3 to 5 days and are designed to put together, drills, skills, technique, strategy, court management, and include these in a tournament setting. The camps encompass all elements of  Lessons and Clinics, and help the player develop technique as well the skill, and apply it to a “game environment”. Private organizations usually provide camps.