Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get involved?
A. PPA is a volunteer-run organization and is always looking for fresh ideas from our members. Send an email to to let us know your ideas or if you can help with:

  • Training/Education (beginner lessons, skills clinics, etc.)
  • Tournaments (tournament directors, referees/line judges, setup/tear down, first aid, etc.)
  • Round Robins
  • Fundraising
  • Membership Drives
  • Court maintenance (court washing, check/adjust nets, etc.)

Q. When can I find other players at the courts?
This summer, the courts are busy with different skill level players starting at 7AM until about Noon every day. The courts are designated for Challenge-In Play from 8AM to 11AM during the summer, with Courts 3 & 4 designated for Beginners/Novice Players all day. Check the Play Schedules page for how Challenge-In Play works and how the courts are designated at other times. Also this summer (from April through August), there are Beginner Lessons on Mondays at 5:30PM where beginners can pick up tips and find other players.  For PPA members, we are building a Member Directory where you can add your information and find other players with similar skill levels.

Q. How can I become a member of PPA?
A. Visit the Membership webpage for information about benefits and the application form. Complete the Membership application and send it to us with your $25 check made payable to Prescott Pickleball Association. When we receive your check, we will order a name tag and send you a welcome email including the password to the Members Only page. (We are working on changing to an online application and payment system. Stay tuned.)

Q. Why are there no real bathrooms at the courts?
A. There are now! The City completed the new two-room bathroom building on September 12, just in time for our September tournament. It is located on the other end of the volleyball courts. And, there is a water bottle refill station there too!

Q. I’ve heard about the Four More campaign, but where are the new courts going to be built?
A. The City has agreed to relocate the volleyball courts so that we can build up to eight more courts in their place. That is one reason why the new bathrooms are being built so far from the current courts. The Four More fundraising campaign will fund the building of four courts along the back side of the current volleyball courts. [See the site rendition on the Four More page.]

Q. Are there any plans to put lights up at the courts?
A. There are electrical lines above that prohibit lights on these courts, and there is no electricity at the current courts. There is electricity at the new bathrooms north of the current courts, where PPA will be building more courts. We are having a strategic planning session at the end of July and this will be one of the items we will discuss for the new courts that will be built with the funds from the Four More fundraising campaign.

Q. Can wind screens be added to the fences?
A. The PPA discussed the possibility of putting up wind screens on the fences, unfortunately the fence posts cannot support fences with screens on them during high winds. Posts that support the smaller fences for pickleball are not as strong as tennis court posts, and the City has stated that they do not want anything added to the fencing. Note: We were able to put up the paddle holders and two small wind flags which don’t stress the fences.

Q. Will there be shade added to the center walkway? 
A. You may put up a temporary pop-up shade structure with the appropriate weights affixed to the legs, but do not attach any part of the pop-up to the fence. However, please ensure that you do not block the flow of players in the walkway. A shading solution will be addressed in the PPA Strategic Planning process.

Q.  My daughter is having her 9th birthday, and we’d like to have a skating party at the courts, can we reserve a court(s)?
A.  Hmmmmm, this is a difficult, multi part question, so I’ll start with the end first, then make some assumptions.  Yes, you can reserve courts…….but for PICKLEBALL only.  No skating events (or any other events) may be conducted on the courts for any reason.  The courts are PICKLEBALL ONLY.

Q.  We have a court at our home in Washington.  Our dog enjoys playing pickleball with us, can we bring him to the courts?
A.  Well, uhm…………NO.  The city prohibits animals (of any kind) from being on the courts.  Unfortunately we’ve recently found evidence that a DOG was playing on the courts, courtesy of his calling card, and numerous scratches.  Please help us preserve the NEW surface, it’s HUMANS only and PICKLEBALL ONLY.

Q.  We enjoy playing at night when it’s cooler, can we play at night?
A.  Interesting concept, since the courts have NO LIGHTS.  I’m going out on a limb here, but the answer is NO.

Q.  Do I have to go through the City to get permission to Teach at the courts?
A.  Generally, yes, unless you’re doing it for FREE and don’t impact any of the open/challenge play times.  If you charge (earn revenue), you’ll need the city’s permission, and you may not impact the courts scheduled challenge or open play times (meaning, you’ll have to teach/help when during low use times).  The city may require waivers in either case.  If you teach for PPA as part of PPA’s scheduled classes, you’re covered.

Q.  If the courts are locked, but seem playable, can we play?
A.  Wowww, really tough to answer, but..……it depends.  If you’re OVER 75, have a mixed doubles game set up, and all 4 climb over the fence at the same time, then yes……of course the answer is NO.  You may never (in any method) play on the courts when they are locked by the city.

Q.  If it’s raining, but no lightning is present, can we play?
A.  Really?  Yes, if you wear flippers, mask and snorkel.  No, of course the answer is NO.  It’s not safe to play when the surface is wet, and you should never play in the rain…..period.