Four More at Pioneer Park

FOUR MORE at Pioneer Park!  In April 2018, Prescott Pickleball Association started raising funds for the construction of FOUR MORE Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park with an estimated completion about July 2019.

The 2016 Fundraising for our first public pickleball courts was a success with the help of our Contributors. Since the opening  of the Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park in June 2017, our expectations have been exceeded with new picklers coming out almost every day to learn about this addicting sport. We also are seeing families and juniors take to the courts, and we discovered that we need more courts sooner than anticipated.

Read on for how you can be a part of this growing sport, and check out the fundraising reports at the bottom.

In 2018, the PPA hosted several events throughout the year that benefited both youth and adults. Read more>>
One way your impact of giving can be measured is... knowing some of the players may be gold medal winners some day. Read more>>>
Leave a legacy with your name on a court. There are three ways to accomplish this either by yourself or with family or friends. Read more>>>
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$81,160 / $115,000

FOUR MORE Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park !

Fundraising Reports

  • Signs of construction coming

    Water at restroom and drinking fountain at the Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park will be turned off on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 14 …» » »
  • Four More construction to start April 29

    The City plans to start the earthwork today, Monday, April 29.  Parking will probably not be impacted until Wednesday or Thursday. When it is …» » »
  • Fundraising Update…now at $81,160

     We’re at $81,160 in terms of donations and pledges.  It’s still NOT TOO LATE to either donate or pledge and get that good feeling …» » »
  • Fundraising Update…now at $80,060

    Funding for 4 More is now at $80,060!  Yahooo, we’re getting close to the point where we can start the process……keep that finger hovering …» » »
  • Four More Campaign Status

    Presidential Update:  We do have some big news…and it’s our 4 MORE FUND amount…WE HAVE $77,300 either in or pledged…yahooooo!  I’d like each of …» » »
  • Great news for pickleball

    Great news for pickleball! On May 22, 2018, the Prescott City Council approved $30,000 from the Acker Foundation to be used for building more pickleball …» » »
  • Launching Four More campaign now

    Attention PPA Members: We are launching our FOUR MORE Campaign NOW!!!! Our goal is $75,000 and so far we have raised $3,800.  Those contributions …» » »
  • Tax-Deductible Donation

    Please think about Prescott Pickleball Association for your next 501(c)3 tax-deductible donation. PPA is committed to maintaining and improving the public courts at Pioneer …» » »