Court Information

Please review the information below, and also check the Play Schedules page for designated play hours. When the courts are busy, there should be 4 players per court; no singles games or drills. Use the Member Directory before coming to the courts to find a partner.

Court Rules/Definitions

  • Challenge (Drop-In) Play – If court is occupied, next 2 (paddles on fence) may “challenge in.” Challenge should be acknowledged. There is a 3 game maximum; must rotate out (4 new players in).
  • Open Play – Time period for “non-structured” play. Players may stay on court for time period listed (allows for families/friends to play together for duration listed).
  • Skill Level Play – Only the skill levels listed may play on the courts for designated period following Challenge (Drop-In) rules. Beginners/notices may play on developing player courts.
  • Ladies Play – Ladies on designated courts/times.
  • Social Play – For developing players or those who are learning or looking for a safe court to play.
  • Any court not being used for it’s designated use becomes a “Challenge (Drop-In)” court.
  • During peak play times, host may signal 4-on/4-off if courts become congested.
  • Proper attire required at all times, no offensive language or inappropriate behavior.

How to Play at Prescott Pickleball Courts

  1. Challenge (Drop-In) Play (described above) is every day, unless other events are scheduled (see Calendar). Events may include FREE LESSONS, TOURNAMENTS, OR CLINICS.
  2. If court demand is low during Challenge (Drop-In) Play (there are open courts), simply find 2 more players and enjoy. If courts are FULL (high demand period), place paddle(s) on the fence (of a similarly skill level court) and “challenge in.”
    1. Winners may stay for a maximum of 3 games, then rotate out.
    2. Losers depart, next challengers play.
    3. Host may designate courts by skill level as an aid to players.
  3. If more than 4 paddles are on a court’s fence (extremely high demand, waiting to play), your host may “blow the whistle” announcing 4-on/4-off (during any time of day). Once this has been announced, ALL 4 PLAYERS must leave the court after their game has ended, and the next 4 players take the court. Play under 4-on/4-off rules will continue until court demand drops or host signals Challenge (Drop-In)-Play rules are in effect.
  4. If you would like to play privately with the same group, please select an Open Play time.
  5. Please observe Skill Level Play signs, if displayed on courts. Players may play UP 1/2 level (i.e 3.5 to 4.0). Courts displaying a skill level without enough players at that skill level may invite in other skill levels (up or down).
  6. A court displaying a skill level with no players (empty) becomes a Challenge (Drop-In) Play court for any sill level until such time as the host removes the skill level sign, or additional players within the posted skill level request to play.
  7. The practice board on Social/Open Court 4 is available for use if no one is playing on that court and no one is waiting for a court. If you are there to play on one of the two Social/Open courts, please use Court 3 first if both are available.

Questions or comments, please contact the on-site host (badge displayed on sign board at the courts).

City of Prescott Recreation Services Rules
Please adhere to the following:

  • Report damage or unsafe conditions to Recreation Services Office.
  • Please wear non-marking athletic shoes.
  • Pets are not permitted on the courts at any time.
  • Any object that may cause injury to a player or damage the courts is prohibited.
  • If the court is occupied with players, do not enter the court while play is in progress.
  • If a ball is hit into your court, call “BALL IN COURT” and stop play. If necessary, replay the point.
  • During Open Play time, if players are waiting, please limit time to 1 hour.
  • Please demonstrate good sportsmanship. Foul or derogatory language is not acceptable.
  • Items found unattended should be taken to the Recreation Services Office.
  • Courts are for pickleball play only.
  • Schedule or programs, lessons or other scheduled play must be approved in advanced by the City of Prescott.
  • Schedule can be found at the bulletin board.
  • If members of the Prescott Pickleball Association are present, paddles and balls will be made available to visitors.
  • Users of this facility assume the risk of injury.

Lost and Found
Recreation Services Office
Grace M. Sparkes Memorial Activity Center (Old Armory Building)
824 E Gurley Street, Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 777-1122

Court Closures
Snow on the courts does happen in Prescott, and when it does, it means the City Parks Division will be locking the courts when SNOW IS PRESENT, and will UNLOCK them as soon as it is melted and playable. We need to do this, since it is open to the public and someone may decide to shovel the courts and damage them, or worse, play on them and get injured. No worries, the Parks team are literally right across the street and will UNLOCK them as soon as the snow is melted.

PPC Facility Rental
The City of Prescott Parks & Recreation has developed a court rental program, similar to other City facilities, for those interested in renting the Prescott Pickleball Courts for a tournament or for a couple hours per court. Members of PPA receive a discounted rate (for non-PPA events). See City Parks & Recreation Facility Rentals. Note: Applications for renting the courts are subject to approval/denial after further information is gathered.

Legally Speaking
The courts are public. Professional pickleball instructors cannot charge for lessons without contacting the City of Prescott to pay a users fee and provide proof of insurance.  The lessons provided by PPA for PPA members are a benefit of membership and are offered under the PPA insurance.