Code of Conduct


The purpose of the Prescott Pickleball Association is to promote the game of pickleball. This implies sportsmanship, etiquette, and generosity will be foremost in all PPA efforts. Pickleball can be competitive or recreational. The PPA will respect the needs and goals of all players endeavoring to provide events and play to meet all player needs.

  1. I will not act or play in a way that threatens my safety or the safety of others.
  2. I will refrain from verbal outbursts which are profane, threatening or abusive.
  3. I will refrain from acts or language which harasses or belittles a teammate or opponent or which creates turmoil and/or dissension among players.
  4. I will respect Prescott Pickleball complex property and perform no actions which may cause damage.
  5. I will comply with posted court schedules.
  6. I will make fair line calls and respect calls made by others.
  7. I will consider the ball to “in” if uncertain of the line call.
  8. I will behave in a manner consistent with this code and be an ambassador for the sport of pickleball.

All members are required to read the PPA Code of Conduct and to agree to abide by this code.