President’s Update 3/11/19

Things are beginning to warm up, at least they’re supposed to…..just one last winter storm to get through and we’re off and running in that beautiful Spring weather (fingers crossed).

Tonight, I’d like to ask for VOLUNTEERS.  We need positions filled, and we need your help.  Your clubs growth (and health) is dependent upon volunteers…..but before I get to those positions, I’d like to thank Diane Cassidy, who’s been our Webmaster (and much more) since the beginning.  Great job Diane, much thanks for giving us that professional webpage look, and you deserve a break!  Now back to that volunteer thing………  Positions we’re need to fill are as follows:

  • Photographer(s) – We need to continue posting pics of all the fun we’re having…….so if you have a good camera (think they’re called cellphones now) and a great eye……sign up by contacting myself or Tracey, and we’ll set up a training session with Diane.
  • Facebook Manager – New position (Diane did it all, but the jobs just too big for one person).  If you love Facebook and would like to takeover our PPA Facebook responsibilities……come on down!  We need you!!  It’s an enormously powerful position, since you’ll have the power of the pen (errr keyboard).
  • Webmaster – It’s going to be difficult to replace Diane, but if you have any experience with Google or WordPress….…..we desperately need you!  You’ll be the face of PPA, so don’t be shy, Diane will spend the time you need to feel comfortable with taking over our web page….promise.
  • Landscape Manager – Work with local landscaping companies to get quotes for barriers, terrace, drainage and work with the city to make it happen.  Someone out there must have a green thumb, and a practiced eye for that perfect “balance”.

Beginning/Novice lessons went great (man did we draw a crowd) more to come, and same with Round Robbins.  I need a few more data points/input to make a time change for the 4.0’s (2 pm start now, but possibly moving to 4 pm start soon, keep watching for updates).  One fine point here, we’ve received several requests to “move up” (on the first outing)……be patient, we want 4 wks worth of playing time before considering any level changes (unless you have an IPTPA rating, or USAPA rating for the level you’re joining).  If you’re in a hurry, you can always go through IPTPA and get your own rating with a certified instructor/evaluator (we treat that the same as a USAPA rating).

New courts are in process.  Many of you have noticed some of the earthwork going on next door…….it’s all the prep we need to start the process of construction.  We’re close to that magic number, so please keep donating/pledging, we’re gonna make it happen one way or another.

We’ve done pretty good in terms of meeting our objectives (based on our strategic plan), by creating value for members via programs, lessons, RR’s, tournaments, Ref training, special pricing, early registration, socials etc, but we’re way behind on our efforts to get more volunteers.  So please consider one of the positions above, and please volunteer for our Sept Tournament and help Jeff.  It’s a huge undertaking and how we perform impacts the City and our Club.

As always, Pickle on,

President’s update 2/26/19

That snow storm was a doozy, and it knocked out our first member tournament…….no worries, it’s on for March 16…….be there, it’ll be fun.

Next, an update on our 4 more.  We’ve had some interesting discussions concerning options for the new courts.  Currently we’ve got almost 90k (ok 89,578)…which is enough to get the courts built and part of the fencing (not all of it, just the perimeter), and no sidewalk.  We need another 15k to get it all done, so pls keep donating, we’re still working hard in the community to “dig” up the rest.  Never fear though, your board is committed to getting it done, and we have a private backup plan to ensure we start construction near the end of April, beginning of May.  Once we have the September tournament, we’ll have the rest of the money (we’ll clear 12k to 15k ish) so it’s a chicken or the egg situation…..and I promise we’ll crack that one (can’t help myself tonight).

Round Robins are starting…….if you haven’t contacted your RR host (Kriss, Jaye, Diane)… so NOW, since March 4 is fast approaching and we only have a limited number of spots available.

Membership……is now at 192, and we expect to pickup another 40 to 50 during the year, pls watch the website which has a members ONLY section, and will get you to some really special screens.

Rick needs help…… with Lessons, which also begin March.  If you’re interested and feel like assisting Rick teach, pls contact Rick Bothell.  New members come from new players, which come from beginning/novice classes……so keep spreading the word, and if you’re available to help, we’d appreciate it.

September’s Granite Mountain Games tournament now includes 3.0s…….yahhoooo!  Beginning and Novice players (2.0 through 3.0) represents the largest section of the club, and we love you, so you’ll be able to compete and win a coveted PPA Medal this Sept (or just buy one on eBay).  Our tournament planning committee is busy, and they still need help (refs……training starting up by Doug), and administrative positions, so don’t be shy, contact Jeff, he’ll be more than happy to get you involved.  Watch for the flyer…….should be out soon (and BTW, PPA members get preferential treatment with respect to signing up…….EARLY).

Last but not least, we’re a social club and like to have fun……so check the site, and plan to attend the next social, we’d love to see you there.

See you on the courts (after the snow has melted).

Round Robins

Round Robins (RRs) are HERE, and starting March 4. Invitations are being sent and RSVPs are being accepted. The first 16 “IN” RSVPs will play.

Round Robins are for PPA MEMBERS ONLY interested in serious competitive play and tournament preparation. You are expected to have a skill rating from USAPA or you have set up an account with to register your skill level. (Note: We do NOT recognize club skill levels at this time, but it’s coming.) 

Please use the procedure below to sign up for RRs by Skill Level.

1.  Find the email contact for your Skill Level on the Members-Only Round Robin page. This is your RR CAPTAIN.

2.  Send an email to your Captain requesting to be included in RR invitations. The Captain will confirm you are a PAID member before adding you to the invitation list.

3.  Captains will be using Whoozin?.com to set up invitation emails asking you to RSVP for a RR play date.  Please do NOT RSVP with “IN” if you are unsure you can make the date.  Space is limited to the first 16 entries, and if you sign up and don’t show up…… negatively impact everyone.  So, if you sign up………..SHOW UP!

Intermediate Clinic

PPA is offering an Intermediate Clinic on March 14 at 2PM, which is repeated in April and May. The clinic is FREE to PPA members ($10 to non-members), and is a strenuous, intensive and detailed 2-hour clinic covering skills, drills and strategy (managing the court). 

You MUST have experience equivalent to a USAPA 3.0/3.5 skill level to attend. The clinic will be held at Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park.  Sign up is required. Look for the sign-up sheet at the courts or sign up using Online Intermediate Sign-Up.

Referee Training 2019

This is HUGE! Doug Seefeld is starting a certified referee training program, and we will NEED refs for our upcoming tournaments. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to ref a match and learn TONS about the game that you never knew. 

Doug will begin his training during the month of March, on Tuesdays from 9am to 11am. If you’re interested, please write Doug at This is a fantastic opportunity to become more involved in the game.

Free Novice Pickleball Lesson

Prescott Pickleball Association is providing a Novice Pickleball Lesson for the player who has played some but wants to learn more after completing at least one session of a beginner lesson. FREE to PPA members and to the public.

When you successfully complete this Novice Lesson, you will start hitting forehands more consistently, show improvement in control, demonstrate more frequent use of the backhand stroke, and know how to hit an overhead stroke (the SLAM). You also will become aware of the “soft game,” as well as the proper service technique and importance of serving it DEEP, returning it DEEP and approaching the NVZ.

Novice Lesson will be at the public outdoor Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park starting at 3:00PM on the 2nd and 4th Fridays starting in March. See PPA Novice Sign-Up Sheet to sign up. 

Attention New Pickleball Players

Prescott Pickleball Association is providing a FREE Beginning Pickleball Lesson for new players at the public outdoor Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park. 

Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels. It is a fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.

Lesson will go over basic safety and equipment, rules of the game, and some beginner play. There will be paddles and balls available for those without equipment. Sneakers, preferably tennis shoes, required. You may repeat the lesson to improve your comfort and understanding of the game before attending a Novice Lesson. 

Beginning Lesson will be at 3:00PM offered twice a month on Thursdays starting in March. See PPA Beginner Sign-Up Sheet to sign up.

PPA March Happy Hour Event!

WHEN?  THURSDAY, MARCH 7                
WHERE?  BUFFALO WILD WINGS, 2985 N. Centre Court, PV 


Who can attend?  PPA members and members may bring one non-member guest.


2019 Granite Mountain Games pickleball tournament

September 12-15, 2019

Tournament Details
• USAPA Sanctioned Tier 4 Event (medal match only)
• Skill level doubles tournament
     • 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 in 2 age groups (15–49, 50+)
     • 5.0/Open in all ages (15–99)
• Double elimination format
• Tournament Ball: DURAfast 40
• Prescott Pickleball Courts at Pioneer Park has 12 courts

• Minimum player age: 15 as of 12/31/19
• USAPA Membership required as of 9/16/19
• Tournament format (age brackets) subject to change based on registration
Registration starts ……………………. 5/04/19
• Flat registration fee: all events included
     • Early Reg. Deadline & Fee: $60 ends 8/17/19
     • Final Reg. Deadline & Fee: $80 ends 8/31/19
• Tournament has a NO REFUND POLICY

Schedule of Events
Thu, Sept 12
• Women 3.0 in 2 age groups
• Women 3.5 in 2 age groups
• Men 3.0 in 2 age groups
• Men 3.5 in 2 age groups
Fri, Sept 13
• Mixed 3.0 in 2 age groups
• Mixed 3.5 in 2 age groups
Sat, Sept 14
• Women 4.0 in 2 age groups
• Women 4.5 in 2 age groups
• Women 5.0/Open (all ages)
• Men 4.0 in 2 age groups
• Men 4.5 in 2 age groups
• Men 5.0/Open (all ages)
Sun, Sept 15
• Mixed 4.0 in 2 age groups
• Mixed 4.5 in 2 age groups
• Mixed 5.0/Open (all ages)

Payment may be made by PayPal or Credit Card