Four More construction to start April 29

The City plans to start the earthwork today, Monday, April 29.  Parking will probably not be impacted until Wednesday or Thursday. When it is impacted, the City will have the area blocked off with cones and barricades.  When the area is blocked off, please park elsewhere, out of the way.  The City will do their best to limit the closing. There will be a period of time (not firmed up yet) when they will need to close the access road/driveway as they will be hauling in and out material and the trucks will need all the space they can get. It’s probably a couple weeks out.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Pickle on!
Jeffrey Bray, PPA President

Fundraising Update…now at $81,160

 We’re at $81,160 in terms of donations and pledges.  It’s still NOT TOO LATE to either donate or pledge and get that good feeling from creating something for your community.  We need at least 100kish to start the project, and of course your club (PPA) will continue to donate Operating Income (next year again, from member dues and tournament earnings) to help reach the $115k mark.

Four More Campaign Status

Presidential Update:  We do have some big news…and it’s our 4 MORE FUND amount…WE HAVE $77,300 either in or pledged…yahooooo!  I’d like each of you to close your eyes and see 4 MORE courts…..fenced, with lighting stubbed out……..and if you keep them closed long enough you can see, lighting, terraced landscape behind the existing 8, several large shade structures……..we will become THE PLACE to play pickleball in the High Country.

Now…open your eyes again…we still need your help. Even though we’re well on our way, we’re still about 38k away from having the additional court.s.  We’ll need members and friends of members (or anyone you know who’s capable of pushing a “donate button“) to donate. The economy’s great, we’ve had a great year, and hopefully the tax cuts will come through for all, so please donate if possible. Each of you is helping to build a legacy right here in your home town.  It’s easy, just go to the website and click on that donate button. Thanks.

Great news for pickleball

Great news for pickleball! On May 22, 2018, the Prescott City Council approved $30,000 from the Acker Foundation to be used for building more pickleball courts. Now the pickleball is in our court! The FOUR MORE Campaign is on! If you are thinking of a worthy cause for a donation, think PICKLEBALL! You can donate by using the online donation form on our website or send a check to PO Box 3361, Prescott AZ 86302​. Just make the check out to ACF and write on the memo line: PPA+4. If you know of a business or have a business that would like to donate, please let us know. The sooner we raise the money, the sooner we will get FOUR MORE built! Remember, we are a 501(c)3, and eligible for a tax credit.
— Peg Travers, President of PPA

Launching Four More campaign now

Attention PPA Members:
We are launching our FOUR MORE Campaign NOW!!!!
Our goal is $75,000 and so far we have raised $3,800.  Those contributions are from PPA Members and we have not even started our appeal to the business community.  If we can raise this money, we will be able to encourage the City of Prescott to move this project up on their lis

Tax-Deductible Donation

Please think about Prescott Pickleball Association for your next 501(c)3 tax-deductible donation. PPA is committed to maintaining and improving the public courts at Pioneer Park. We are working to get permission to build more courts in 2018 and on improvements to the current courts as well. We are a 100% volunteer group; there are no paid employees so your dollars go directly to the courts.

Send your tax-deductible donation to the PPA at PO Box 3361, Prescott AZ 86302. Make check payable to Arizona Community Foundation with “PPA” in the memo line.

Or, donate online at: