Benefits of Membership:

  • Lessons, clinics, leagues, and social events at no cost or reduced fees
  • Discount on PPA-sanctioned tournaments
  • Members-Only page 
  • Pick-A-Pickler Directory 
  • Name badge (magnetic) for access to PPA activities
  • Player skill level rated to use for club events
  • Regular club communications regarding programs, court usage, skill improvements and other topics of interest
  • A voice and a vote at PPA General Meetings and elections
  • Maintenance and improvement to pickleball facilities
  • Pride of knowing that you support a group that provides pickleball programs and events to benefit the Prescott community

Member Discounts:

*Every time a member uses our club’s PickleballCentral discount code, 5% of their purchase goes to the club’s reward account for use to purchase customized club gear, equipment, etc.


Membership is $25 per person per calendar year.  Complete and submit the Membership form with your payment.



  • Peg Travers, President, 2017-2018
    Peg is a registered nurse, with BSBA in marketing. After 14 years as a nurse, she transitioned into medical pharmaceuticals, then as an HR manager for a division of 13,000 employees, and in sales for pain management. Peg retired in 2007 from sales presentations, crisis management, then moved to Prescott and found pickleball. She sold a concept for health care by promoting pickleball.
  • Vice President, 2018-2019 — vacant
  • Doug Seefeld, Treasurer, 2017-2018
    Doug was the 4th generation of a family-owned funeral firm before moving to Prescott from Oshkosh Wisconsin in 2013. He was active in rotary for 23 years, had been a volunteer at the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA resident camp board and employee along with Pickleball teaching. Since moving to Arizona he has earned his USAPA Referee Certification, serves as a USAPA Ambassador and volunteers for the Willow Hills Pickleball Club.
  • Jaye Allen, Secretary, 2017-2018
    Jaye grew up in the Phoenix area and has lived in Arizona for over 50 years. She managed her family’s 5,000-acre cotton farm for 15 years and then became a public involvement liaison for City of Phoenix, ADOT, City of Chandler and other municipalities. She was responsible for engaging the public in large government studies, design, and construction projects. Most recently, she traveled throughout Arizona facilitating workshops for Strategic Transportation Safety Plans. Jaye has served on several non-profit boards including over 24 years as Treasurer of the Good Shepherd Foundation and Casa Grande Valley Outreach. She is now an avid pickleball player after enjoying 25 years of racquetball. She and husband Dale can always be found at the courts!
  • Diane Cassidy, Member at Large, 2018-2019
    Diane was raised in New Hampshire and moved to Arizona in early 1970s to study accounting at NAU. After graduating, she worked in Phoenix as a professional secretary until computers became all the rage. She transitioned into a typical computer nerd, completing her career in 2015 as an Application Analyst managing web pages and designing forms. Her primary sport is hiking and backpacking, especially in the Grand Canyon, but is now spending more time playing pickleball.
  • Marcie Moody, Member at Large, 2017-2018
    Marcie grew up in Ohio, was in the banking industry, moved to southern California in 1970 to work in banking at a credit union in San Diego. Her last position was as an Administrative Assistant before moving to Kansas. Moved to Prescott 6 years ago after she retired. Before pickleball, Marcie was into other sports (softball and volleyball) but knee problems brought her to pickleball. Marcie is also involved with Prescott Noon Lioness Club.
  • City of Prescott Recreational Services, Member at Large
    Sam Rice was born in California and grew up throughout the western states. She moved to Prescott in January of 2000 where she then worked for Van Fann Contracting for 9 years as an Executive Assistant and Purchasing Manager. Sam went from Fann Contracting into the senior care industry where she worked in HR, Marketing and was promoted to VP before taking a position with the City of Prescott. Sam is a mother of 3, step-mother of 5, and grandmother of 4. Their oldest child is 25, youngest is 18. She is pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice. Sam has been working for the City of Prescott for 4 years in the Recreation Services Department and is currently serving as Staff Liaison for the Mayors Commission on ECHO.
    Rick Hormann was born in Philly, moved to Lake Havasu when he was 3. Was there to see the London Bridge be constructed. Mom and brother still there, now 50 years. Went to NAU on tennis scholarship. Coached HS teams. Moved to Prescott 12 years ago as sports coordinator. Now supervisor of 32 part-time, 4 full time. Rick has been in municipal government for 24 years. Three children, freshman, senior and college senior. Rick is also busy as the Arizona Youth State Director of National Softball Association.


STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Dale Allen, Steve Appel, Terry Booth, RIck Bothell, Diane Cassidy, Connie Cloud, Larry Cloud, Mary Costa, Jan Gradle, Rick Hormann, Mary Houghton, Marcie Moody, Bob Muriello, Cee Muriello, Don Orseck, Sam Rice, Doug Seefeld, Bill Sneen, Tracey Thompson, and Peg Travers. Facilitated by Kevin Costa and Jaye Allen.


  • Kevin Costa, Vice President, 2018
  • Rita Kavanaugh, Vice President, 2017
  • Sue Cloak, Secretary, 2017
  • Jan Todsen, Treasurer, 2017
  • Mike Whitford, Member at Large, 2017
  • Roger Wolfe, Member at Large, 2017


  • PROGRAMS AND SCHEDULES COMMITTEE:  The committee is tasked with proposing play schedules, rules and regulations, and scheduling upcoming tournaments. Members: Jim Thomas (chair), Bill Sneen, Jerry Northwood, Steve Appel, Gail Weigert, Robert Wolfe, JT Schultz, Barbara Siegel, Malia Pomee, Jean Bowman, Mary Ashworth
  • DONATION WALL COMMITTEE: The committee will research and propose potential wall to honor the donors. Members: Marty Trembly (co-chair),Steve Appel (co-chair), Gail Trembly, Peg Travers
  • OPENING DAY COMMITTEE:  The committee will decide on the date/time of opening day and celebration to follow. Members:Marcie Moody (chair), Billie Orr, RIta Kavanagh, Peg Travers, Gail Weigert, Bob Atherton
  • WEBSITE TEAM:  Larry Cloud and Rick Bothell