Membership is $25 per person per calendar year.  If you are a NEW member, please complete the New Membership Application. If you are an existing member ready to extend your membership, please visit your profile and click the “Renew” button under membership details. Thank you.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Lessons, clinics, leagues, and social events at no cost or reduced fees
  • Discount on PPA-sanctioned tournaments
  • Members-Only page 
  • Member Directory 
  • Name badge (magnetic) for access to PPA activities
  • Player skill level rated to use for club events
  • Regular club communications regarding programs, court usage, skill improvements and other topics of interest
  • A voice and a vote at PPA General Meetings and elections
  • Maintenance and improvement to pickleball facilities
  • Pride of knowing that you support a group that provides pickleball programs and events to benefit the Prescott community

Member Discounts:

*Every time a member uses our club’s PickleballCentral discount code, 5% of their purchase goes to the club’s reward account for use to purchase customized club gear, equipment, etc.



Jeff Bray, PresidentJeffrey Bray, President. Jeff lived in Prescott for over seven years. He has a daughter who graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and two sons who are currently undergraduates at ERAU. Although Jeff is now retired, his career was in finance and accounting (CFO) for small to medium manufacturing firms. His desire is to promote pickleball personally and within the community.
,Vice President,Vice President. Position currently vacant. The VP role is responsible for the small, fun, member tournaments (e.g., Flash Mob Tournament, see above), provide guidance to the “social committee” (chairwoman is Helen Maland), and provide guidance for the round-robins, lessons, clinics, drills (leadership is provided by Rick Bothell).
Please contact a board members (Jeff Bray, Tracey Thompson, Doug Seefeld, Rick Bothell, Rick Hormann, Terry Booth) if you are interested in filling the VP role until the next election (October 2020).
Tracey Thompson, SecretaryTracey Thompson, Secretary.  Just over 10 years ago, I read a one paragraph item in my local (Minnesota) newspaper advertising pickleball at the Recreation Center several blocks from my home. I’d never heard of it, but decided to check it out. Within a couple months, I was an avid player and a USAPA Ambassador. Several years later, with a goal of partnering with the city to build outdoor courts, I was on the ‘Steering Committee’ to establish Minnesota’s first pickleball club, The Northern Paddles. Our partnership with the city mirrors the experience of the Prescott Pickleball Association with the city of Prescott and our courts were completed in 2015. I have worn many hats for The Northern Paddles from its founding in 2011 through this year, including secretary, treasurer, fund-raiser, grant-writer, and pickleball instructor, as well as primary liaison with the Parks and Recreation department. I also created and maintained our website. With equal parts relief and regret, I handed over the reigns of the Club to a new Board this past spring and moved to Prescott. I will admit to looking forward to being ‘just a pickleball player’ but, when the position of secretary on the PPA Board was open, I felt moved to apply and would looking forward to working with a dedicated and motivated group of equally passionate pickleballers.
Doug Seefeld, TreasurerDoug Seefeld, Treasurer. Doug was the 4th generation of a family-owned funeral firm before moving to Prescott from Oshkosh Wisconsin in 2013. He was active in rotary for 23 years, had been a volunteer at the Chamber of Commerce, YMCA resident camp board and employee along with Pickleball teaching. Since moving to Arizona he has earned his USAPA Referee Certification, serves as a USAPA Ambassador and volunteers for the Willow Hills Pickleball Club.
Terry BoothTerry W. Booth, Member At LargeBringing visions of what is possible is a fulfilling journey. Whether in a professional or personal setting, Terry has learned that life is more satisfying when you take part in something worthwhile that is bigger than yourself. Terry wanted to play team sports for a living early in life, but quickly found his skills in baseball and tennis were not at a professional level. Instead, he used his education in Physics and Information Sciences at SDSU and Redlands University along with a passion for planning and organization to have a successful professional career in three separate disciplines; Aerospace Engineering, Management Consulting and Global Corporate Operations. Both his wife; Kit and he have lived, worked and traveled abroad giving us access to experiences, customs and opinions that have expanded our ways of thinking. With approximately 5 years left in his professional career, Kit and Terry selected Prescott as the place for retirement. They both wanted to stay active and love what Prescott and the surrounding areas offer to its residents. Last, but most importantly, Terry tries to put God at the center of his life. He frequently fails but aspires to improve daily and become the man that God wants him to be. Terry continues to be a long-term work in progress.
RIck BothellRick Bothell, Member At Large.Teacher of math for 43 years. Math department chair person at Prescott High School 8 years. Coached high school and middle school for 26 years. Played and taught tennis 35 years. Played pickleball tournaments for 3 seasons. Rick is in the process of becoming a certified pickleball instructor. Co-contest director of our lastest and greatest pickleball tournament. Contest director for several high school divisional badminton and tennis tournaments. Contest director for many RC sailplane contests.
City of Prescott Recreational Services, Member at Large
Sam Rice was born in California and grew up throughout the western states. She moved to Prescott in January of 2000 where she then worked for Van Fann Contracting for 9 years as an Executive Assistant and Purchasing Manager. Sam went from Fann Contracting into the senior care industry where she worked in HR, Marketing and was promoted to VP before taking a position with the City of Prescott. Sam is a mother of 3, step-mother of 5, and grandmother of 4. Their oldest child is 25, youngest is 18. She is pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice. Sam has been working for the City of Prescott for 4 years in the Recreation Services Department and is currently serving as Staff Liaison for the Mayors Commission on ECHO.
Rick Hormann was born in Philly, moved to Lake Havasu when he was 3. Was there to see the London Bridge be constructed. Mom and brother still there, now 50 years. Went to NAU on tennis scholarship. Coached HS teams. Moved to Prescott 12 years ago as sports coordinator. Now supervisor of 32 part-time, 4 full time. Rick has been in municipal government for 24 years. Three children, freshman, senior and college senior. Rick is also busy as the Arizona Youth State Director of National Softball Association.


STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE: Dale Allen, Steve Appel, Terry Booth, RIck Bothell, Connie Cloud, Larry Cloud, Mary Costa, Jan Gradle, Rick Hormann, Mary Houghton, Marcie Moody, Bob Muriello, Cee Muriello, Don Orseck, Sam Rice, Doug Seefeld, Bill Sneen, Tracey Thompson, and Peg Travers. Facilitated by Kevin Costa and Jaye Allen.


  • Peg Travers, President, 2017-2018
  • Jaye Allen, Secretary, 2018
  • Diane Cassidy, Member at Large, 2018
  • Marcia Moody, Member at Large, 2017-2018
  • Kevin Costa, Vice President, 2018
  • Rita Kavanaugh, Vice President, 2017
  • Sue Cloak, Secretary, 2017
  • Jan Todsen, Treasurer, 2017
  • Mike Whitford, Member at Large, 2017
  • Roger Wolfe, Member at Large, 2017


  • PROGRAMS AND SCHEDULES COMMITTEE:  The committee is tasked with proposing play schedules, rules and regulations, and scheduling upcoming tournaments. Members: Jim Thomas (chair), Bill Sneen, Jerry Northwood, Steve Appel, Gail Weigert, Robert Wolfe, JT Schultz, Barbara Siegel, Malia Pomee, Jean Bowman, Mary Ashworth
  • DONATION WALL COMMITTEE: The committee will research and propose potential wall to honor the donors. Members: Marty Trembly (co-chair),Steve Appel (co-chair), Gail Trembly, Peg Travers
  • OPENING DAY COMMITTEE:  The committee will decide on the date/time of opening day and celebration to follow. Members:Marcie Moody (chair), Billie Orr, RIta Kavanagh, Peg Travers, Gail Weigert, Bob Atherton
  • WEBSITE TEAM:  Larry Cloud and Rick Bothell