Prescott Pickleball Association

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Round Robins (beginning soon)

Round Robins are for PPA MEMBERS ONLY who are interested in serious competitive play and tournament preparation. A skill rating from is necessary to enter the highest RR level. You may self-rate for lower skill levels; however, if there is uncertainty about a players appropriate skill level, round robin captains can organize a ‘challenge match’ (see below).

Procedure for signing up for Round Robin play:
  1. Find the email contact for your skill level under the Events Page on this website. This is your RR captain.
  2. Send an email to your Captain requesting to be included in the RR list. Captain will confirm that you are an ACTIVE PPA MEMBER and relay method for weekly sign-ups.


Round robins work best when players are at or near the same skill level.  To promote enjoyable play for all, a procedure is in place for those who may wish to change their level of play.  See below for details.

PPA Round Robin Placement.pdf

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