December Round Robin Championships

5 Jan 2024 4:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Level 2.0/2.5 - December's finalists for 2.0-2.5 Round Robin Championship play was Darrell Rommel & Dori Mian vs. John Stephens & Suzanne  McCall. Darrell and Dori developed a lead that was not to be relinquished.  The final score was 15 to 8. Congratulations to our final four competitors and a special congratulations to Dori and Darrell. 

Level 2.7 - The top 4 players are:  Nancy Zirbel, Andrea Schmidlin, Margo Bowers and Rhonda Stallings.  The match was Nancy and Andrea against Margo and Rhonda.  The winners were Andrea and Nancy.   Final score was 15 to 11.  A great match, very competitive, long rallies.  Took some time to play! 

Level 3.0 - Hard to believe this is the last Championship game for 2023.  This championship game had much better conditions than last with a milder temperature and low wind.  Chis DeMember finished regular play with a perfect 11-point average!  The teams were Chris DeMember and Beckie Semmie vs Susie Jarvis and Marty Grossman.  The final score of 15 to 5 does not reflect the tough battle and long volleys.  Also, some great servers.  Congratulations to the winners Susie and Marty.

Level 3.2 - Because of the Holiday on Monday, the Championship was held on 12/18,  a beautiful sunny day, perfect for shorts, sun screen and pickleball.  Jo Morrissey & Mike Doyle went against Jim Alfini & Ed Kemp, with Ann Steiner serving as a quasi referee.  This was a very competitive match with many good shots and long rallies.  But most of the long rallies ended with a winning shot from the team of Jo & Mike, including the winner, a screeching drive down the middle by Jo!  Final score was 15-5.

Level 3.5 - Five players qualified for this month’s championship game with Randy Cobb, John Godwin & Joe Mufich tying for the 3rd & 4th spots. John and Joe survived a lady luck draw resulting in a match up between Dennis Rand & John Godwin vs. Dave Cottongim and Joe Mufich.  Dennis and John took an early lead and, although Dave and Joe fought to come back, the game ended with Dennis and John victorious at 15-7.  The game was officiated by Kip Maroste under ideal weather conditions. 

Level 3.6 - Not held

Level 3.7 and up - The Championship pitted James Fazio and Tony P vs Chris Hennon and Mike L .  This was a very closely contested match. Scores were 5-1, 7-5, 10-6, 11-8, 13-8, 13-11, 14-12, 15-12. There were numerous multi hit Dinks, drives, and volleys! This was a game for the ages. The most exciting and entertaining with banter and joking as well as great sportsmanship by all!      

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