Winter schedule starts October 1

The Prescott Pickleball Courts Play Schedules are set up as two seasons…summer and winter.

WINTER SCHEDULE: October 1 to February 28/29
SUMMER SCHEDULE: March 1 to September 30

One change is the time for starting to clean the courts on Tuesdays, from 3pm to 2pm, because the days are shorter the the volunteers need time to complete the work before it gets dark. (If you want to help with this work, please let us know.)

The other is Challenge play changes from 8-11 to 9 to noon, because the sun doesn’t come up as early as it does in the summer.

Let’s play.


Court rental program through City of Prescott

The City of Prescott Parks & Recreation has developed a court rental program, similar to other City facilities, for those interested in renting the Prescott Pickleball Courts for a tournament or for a couple hours per court. Members of PPA receive a discounted rate (for non-PPA events). See City Parks & Recreation Facility Rentals.

Note: Applications for renting the courts are subject to approval/denial after further information is gathered.

PPA 3-Year Strategic Plan

Attention PPA Members:

The PPA Strategic Planning Committee is pleased to announce the implementation of our first Strategic Plan to help guide the PPA with activities over the next three years.

Please review the Strategic Priorities Action Items and join the team! As a volunteer-run organization, we are always looking for fresh ideas from our members.

Also, please give us your feedback on surveys we may post on some action items from time to time.

City Council to recognize PPA member Kevin Costa

As you may have heard, we had a serious medical emergency at the 2018 Mile High Match Up tournament. Kevin Costa, who was in charge of first aid at the event, was able to successfully resuscitate the person with the help of an AED and several other first responders.

The City of Prescott City Council will be honoring Kevin on Tuesday, September 25, at 3PM in the City Council Chambers at 201 South Cortez. The public is welcome. We hope you will come to share in the recognition of Kevin and his team’s amazing efforts.

Go Kevin!